What to wear!

If you are looking for some helpful tips on what to wear to your session these might help you. Check out Pinterest for some other great ideas too!

Clothing. For a classic timeless look, simple clothing is best. Solid colored clothing works well and gives the illusion of timelessness of the image. It is important to showcase your individual taste in your photos but the key is to wear something that is not too busy or bold. Shy away from stripes, and busy patterns. Also avoid big trendy logos on shirts. Boys look great wearing a shirt with a collar. Instead think about blending textures to achieve the most natural look, casual dress is usually preferred. The key here is to wear something that's comfortable. If you are not at ease with how you look, this will show in your photographs! Avoid the typical blue jeans and the exact same white t-shirt. If you session is more casual, it looks nice to have boys in jeans and girls in dresses or something that suites their particular style. 

Makeup. For this one put on some mascara, blush and lip tint as a minimum. Foundation and eyeliner are a bonus. Lips stains are the way to go to have a natural reddish pout that lasts through the shoot. For guys: brush your eyebrows, if you have dark eyes circles you can even wear a dab on concealer. Be careful when you shave to avoid nicks and do wear lip balm for a smooth pout.

Hair. Natural is best, hats only if you really want to and you wear it every day. If you are getting haircuts make sure to do it at least a week in advance. It looks more natural and less done. Use hair spray on flyaways.


- A quilt, picnic blanket, or baby blanket that you might want to incorporate to your session if we plan to have you sitting on the ground. This will also help with grass stains, or sand. I have some as well.

- A favorite toy for me to hold to keep baby/kids attention.

-Items to use for bribery!! Snacks or treats for kids and pets in hopes of their cooperation.