Photographic Art is for everyone! Crystal Sayen Photography offers convenient, no interest, in-house installment payment plans that can be utilized for your digital images, albums, wall art, prints or other products.

Once your session booking agreement contract is signed and your nonrefundable retainer fee is paid in full you are able to start your installment plan on any digital images, albums, wall art, prints or other products. There are 3 different payment schedules that you can choose from: weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. What ever you prefer!

You will have scheduled due dates according to your chosen payment schedule. Please note that no images will be delivered until your payment plan is paid in full.

Are the payments refundable?

No. Payments are not refundable once you are locked into the installment program.

Looking for another option to pay for your session?

I also accept Paypal Credit! It is a great option because it is so easy to use! The application is quick right on their website and if you are approved you will receive an instant credit limit amount! PayPal Credit is also amazing option to finance your session because they offer 6 months of 0% APR! You can check out their website for more information.

I also offer After pay which allows you buy now and pay later.